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What is the MSC planning for 2021?

20 Dec 2020

In the last seven months of 2020, the MSC has:

  • converted all courses from classroom to online;
  • gained accreditation from APM to present PPQ training;
  • presented 21 online courses for PFQ, PMQ and PPQ;
  • initiated a discount scheme for those not working as a result of COVID.

We thank all those who have chosen to take our courses this year and look forward to 2021.

Whilst we are subject to ever-changing COVID regulations and much volatility in the external environment, the MSC's overall aims for early 2021 are to:

  • achieve re-accreditation with APM for PFQ and PMQ after the regulation four years since the last one in January 2017;
  • present each week an online course for PFQ, PMQ or PPQ;
  • continue using APM's online examinations as part of their drive to reduce their carbon footprint.